PSYC 2000 : Exam 2 Notes

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15 Mar 2019

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Allows you to . : 5 senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Same with sound, hear covert the sound to neuron activity. One grain of sugar is not enough, if i add a whole spoon of sugar difere: a radialogist: at what point she can see the diference between normal tissue and cancer tissue. Surrounded by stimuli: are you wearing clothes, i don"t feel the clothes before you mention it. Constant means is not dangerous for you, so you become less responsible for you. It lets us filter out the constants, leaving all the attention to real threats. Sight: sensation- process that occurs when special receptors (___rods and cones______) in the sense organs are activated, allowing various forms of outside stimuli (___light___ ) to become neural signals in the brain. C: a, pi, l, v, r, when your looking at a pizza can a pizza look very. 1 cornea covering of the eye that protects it: 2.

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