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PSYC 2000

PSYC2000 Section 3Exam 4 Study Guide part 1 of 3Chapter 13PersonalityWhat was Freuds psychodynamic perspective How was it related to sex Emphasized that personality is primarily unconscious Early childhood experiences shape usAccording to Freud what are the 3 parts of personality How do they interact1Id unconscious drives Present at birth Works according to the pleasure principle Always seeking pleasure If it feels good do it Think about infants EX the devil on your shoulder2Ego deals with the demands of reality Most conscious rational and logical World on the reality principle Tries to bring the individual pleasure within the norms of society If it feels good do it but only if you can get away with it EX The actual person in the middle3Superego The moral center of personality EX the angel on your shoulderWhat were Freuds 5 stages of psychosexual development What happens at each stage1Oral stage occurs from birth to about 15 years Erogenous zone the mouth Conflict weaning when you have to stop the baby from breastfeeding Oral fixation when weaned too early or too late causes overeating drinking too much chain smoke talking too much biting nails gum chewing2Anal stage Erogenous zoneanus Fixation if child refused to use toilet and instead defecated where they wanted later in life they might grow up to be messy If child was terrified of making a mess and refused to go to the bathroom they turn out overly neat and cleanhence the phrase you are so anal3Phallic stage 36 years Erogenous zoneyour genitals Conflict you become sexually attracted to the opposite sex parent You are also jealous of the same sex parent Boys Oedipus complex Girls Electra complex To battle the conflict the child represses their sexual feelings and identify with the same sex parent Fixation immature sexual attitudes promiscuous sexual behavior men are mommas boys and women date and marry men that are like their fathers4Latency 6puberty Repressing these sexual feelings and you develop in other ways EX might develop intellectually socially EX boys have cooties etc Not engaging in anything sexual5Genital stage Adolescence and adulthood Sexual awakening Source of sexual pleasure shifts to someone outside your familyWhat are the 5 traits of the Big 5 model of personality OCEAN What are the characteristics of each trait1Openness the willingness to try new things and be open to new experiences People who rate themselves as high are more likely to dress distinctively and more likely to use social media Highcreative artistic curious nonconforming Low conventional uncreative
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