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Lecture Notes 3 14 2013

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Mental ImageryExample Gettysburg Address Gas Gauge Windows on your houseMost people report that they experience imageryVisualAuditoryMotorTactileOlfactoryGustatoryWhat is imageryhow does it work Two theories1 Mental images are analog representations of past experience2 Images are epiphenomenal incidental and arise from representations used in general thoughtImagery is a problem for scientific study because its entirely in someones mind However there are a couple of ways in which it can be studiedPavio 1963 studied using PairedAssociate Learning How well you could learn two words that were paired together What Pavio found was that words that are easily imagined were easier to remember pencilboat or equalitytruth Pairs of concrete words are remembered better than abstract wordsRoger Shepard woke up one morning and saw a green blob sphere rotating over his bead He had a flash of insight He could use basic shapes and rotate them Shepard had 8 subjects run through 1600 trials The degrees of rotationplanes were varied He would simply ask if the pictures were the same or different
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