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Test 2 Psyc 4008

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4008

Test 2 Psyc 40082912Rene DescartesSaid things people didnt agree withoJust as valuable as stuff people likedNotion of innate ideasCaused uproaroThere were things he couldnt doubt that were clear and distint that were true that COULD NOT be experiencedPerfectionInfinityGodas embodiment of perfectionoThought of these things as truths of everyday life that we are BORN with therefore are innateEmpiricists thought this was DUMBAlso proposed ideas that were countered in scienceIn order to explain interactions he brought up theory of hollow nerves and animal spiritsoHe wasnt basing theory on observation but on REASON Proposed stuff people could testPineal glads essentialoPhysiologists directly responded to these ideasResult was science of neurophysiology 9 study of nervous system and how it works advancedJam SwammerdanFamous physiologist did a lot of work with microscopesoDiscovered red blood cellConducted experiments to directly test Descartes claimsoDiscovered vast differences between Descartes ideas and how it really worksoYou dont need ventricles of brain for movement to happenno need for animal spirits for muscles to reactcut off head of animal the muscles still twitch Until muscles use up oxygenMakes point that result means Descartes isnt rightoShows value of opposing notion is how we advance in scienceGottfried LeibnizSomeone who was also very famous Known for philosopher mathematicsoCo invented calc with NewtonWas a policital leaderWAS A RATIONALISToMind and body believed like Descartes mind was separate and the best way to understand world is to use minduse mathematicsoDigreed with Descartesdidnt find description of interactionism conviencing You have to do better job of explaining how it happenswhat forces at work show meetcoAdvocated dualismBased on component of philosophy that is MONADA concept that L used to deal with notion of seperation mental and physical realmsIt is a individual unite but it is not physical like molecules but it is also not completely amorphis like a thought Monads were all created by god and monads come together to form EVERYTHING physical and mentalAlso believed that they are independent of one another once they come togethernot held together or repelled come together because all monads obey a presestablished harmonyscript that monads are opening God has ordained that some monads form different thingsoPosition reguarding mind and bodyMental and physical are separate thingsMind and body are independent but each is obeying a preestablished harmonyAnalogy of clocks created set into motion at same time express same time forever run on parallelPosition refered to psychophysical parallelismoNOT interactingoBelieved in preordained salvationsVERY DETERMINALISTICLiebenz is very rationalistic but dealt with world of experiencesoTheorized about nature of sensation and perception and way of dealing with it When you think about sensation and perception now we know now they are differentFor L sensation was more complex Interpretive mental event
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