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PSYC 4008Exam 4 Notes Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 pgs 144150Sir Francis Galton 18221911Charles Darwins first cousin privileged very smartSet out trying to test whether or not traits were inheritedWe need to be able to look at peoples genealogy especially with the upper classHe needed a test for intelligence that could be applied to people who have diedDeveloped a measure of intelligence definitionif you are a genius the chances are good that you are going to be better at what you doOperationally defined intelligence as imminenceoNotion that if you are truly intelligent there is no way you can be held backoTruly immanent people out there are most intelligent Tabulated number of times a persons name was brought up oWe would not buy this way of measuring intelligence oHow famous you are is not a measurement of how smart you areOnly looked at men in his investigations because he said in his preliminary work the number of women in his list was quite small so switched exclusively to men Set about tabulating imminence oHe was always dedicated to the use of quantificationMaybe you can countoIn doing that came up with quantitative way of defining imminenceoHe cited the influence of the Belgium Aldolphe QueteletKnown for being the first to show you can apply gaming theory to human beings Gaming theory was a branch of math that dealt with probability distributions Gaming theory was the probability of something occurring Quetelet was the first person to show that human behavior follows some of these distributions Average and even distribution on the sides of the average Was very influential on GaltonDistribution of heights of soldiers Galtons workGaltons Law of Deviation of an AverageoCited Quetelets workoAdvanced statisticsoGalton started looking at immanent individuals in different categoriesCommanders in militaryPoetsMusiciansFamous scientistsTheological figuresWrestlersWhat he looked at is if you were outstanding in your field you were part of 03 distribution Then looked at that persons family tree If that persons geniuses had nothing to do with inheritance in that persons family tree one in 4000 in that family will be immanent Frequency of immanence in these peoples family was much higher If your famous you have more famous people in your family tree immanent Book entitled Hereditary GeniusoFound that immanence favored male lines of descentoAlso looked at nationalityCould pinpoint country of origin you came from Unequal distribution of immanence across nations Britain had the highest percentage of immanence Took from this the conclusion that the British culture of his day was intellectually superior to the other cultures of his day The stable British monarchy over the century helped this causeGaltons point was that if you look at the current state of British culture one of his observations was that there is a differential birth rate what we know as socioeconomic status Galton expressed as Social Tone Higher level individuals were reproducing less Galton came up with nature vs nurtureoIf inheritance has something to do with intelligence would it be possible for us to increase average intelligenceoBeginning of movement called Eugenics
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