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Sensation And Perception Test 1 Notes

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Chapter TwoResearch MethodsSignal Detection Theory Three classical methods of psychophysics that we have examined have a common goal locating a thresholdSIGNAL DETECTION THEORYargues that the thresholds obtained by classical psychophysical methods are composites of two separate processes 1 The observers sensitivity to the stimulus and2 the observers decisionmaking strategy or criterionSIGNALwhere a weak physical stimulus is presentNOISEwhere no physical stimulus is present only background noiseThe physical stimulus alone is not sufficient to determine perceptionmental factors are also criticalSN Signal to noise ratioReceivers often report sensitivity in terms of SN ratio with higher numbers indicating increased sensitivityWhen you expect a stimulus you shift your criterionCRITERIONwillingness to say that you detect a stimulusDesign of a signal detection experiment SIGNALNOISEA set of trials that include both the signal that one is supposed to detect as well as the background noiseCORRECT REJECTIONWhen an observer says No and there is no stimulus presentFALSE ALARMWhen an observer says Yes and there is no stimulus presentHITWhen an observer says Yes and there is a stimulus presentMISSWhen an observer says No and there is a stimulus presentMAINTAINED ACTIVITYthe spontaneous firing of the brain cells even in the absence of stimulationMost subjective intensity is centered around a score of 3 rarely reaching very high 5 or very low 1Distinguishing between sensitivity and criterion d d prime is used as an index of sensitivityFigures 24 and 25 in the bookThe origin of the measure of sensitivity d is basically the distance between the peaks of the two distributions
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