01:830:101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Abraham Maslow, Scientific Method, Empiricism

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01:830:101 Full Course Notes
01:830:101 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 1: themes and theories/ research methods: nature vs. nurture, continuous vs. discontinuous development, interaction, and resilience are enduring themes in child development. Be able to give a brief example of each: nature favors traits that promote reproduction and survival. Nature favors traits that promote reproduction and survival; successful characteristics become dominant. Empiricism theory that environmental experiences shape the individual; all knowledge is derived from sensory experiences. We will go more detail later, but there may be a few questions asking some preliminary information: psychodynamic approach = emphasis on: Childhood early family experiences: humanistic approach = emphasis on: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each. Three ways of gathering data is: scientiic method, interviews, natural/structural observations. The three ways of collecting data is interviews, naturalistic, and structured. It is useful when info. from many people is needed is the survey, or questionnaire. Although surveys can be a straightforward way to measure psychological variables, constructing them requires care.