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Group-oriented: nurturing, similarities perspective, social constructionism: differences between sexes stem from social (gender) roles that lead to differences in behavior, defined by culture, time, and identity. How do we define women in the u. s. : perspective norms: should, prospective norms: should not. Third gender: two gender system: male/female (in the u. s. , third gender systems: used in other countries that use other categories to identify and understand what gender is. India and bangladesh: hijra: 5-6 million people identify as this biologically male and adopt to the female culture (persona and behaviors, balkans. From infancy to old age lifespan development. Process by which children acquire the values, motives, and behaviors considered appropriate for their gender in their particular culture. The perception of oneself as either male or female. The notion that males remain male and females remain female. Awareness that superficial alterations in appearance or activity do not alter identity.

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