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History of Art
Eric Rosenberg

Criollo Culture 18th Century Mexico Criollo Culture in 18th Century Mexico  Many cultures came together (mostly indigenous) because Mexico was a trade hub  Confluence of Roman Catholic and indigenous iconography  Casta system of hierarchy  Complex social system Cathedral of the Our Lady of the Assumption, Mexico City, 1573-1813  Baroque and Neo-classical architectural styles in combination  Built adjacent to the site of the main temple of the Aztec empire  Parish is Mexican high baroque--“estipite” columns and niche pilasters–give the appearance of disintegrating the structural logic of columns and lend theatricality to the facade Marcos Cipac de Aquino?, Virgin of  Guadalupe, 16th century  (Tilma of Juan Diego)  oil/tempera/watercolor on cloth, 67 x 42 inches  Virgin of Guadalupe must be painted in this exact way down to the dimensions (medida) and have touched this original (praesensia) to be “official”  Story: December but Diego found roses, Guadalupe arranged them in his tilma, opened it in front of the bishop, icon was impressed on tilma  Virgin Mary with but some indigenous iconography Artist Unknown, The Most Noble and  Loyal Mexico City, c. 1690s  oil/canvas on wooden screen (biombo), 7’ x 18’   (above­front; below­reverse shows scenes from the  conquest)  Interest in highly ordered, European society  Awareness
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