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7 Mar 2019

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P. avery, s. hersh eld: a small insect starts walking away from a concave mirror along its central axis. Answer: the image is initially erect, then ips upside down. Solution: for a concave mirror the object distance, p, and image distance, i, are related via 1/p + 1/i = 1/f with the focal length, f , being positive. Near the mirror p is small so 1/p > 1/f and the image distance is negative (virtual image). Consequently, the magni cation, m = i/p, is positive, and the image is erect. Far from the mirror, 1/p < 1/f , and the image distance is positive (real image). In this case the magni cation, m = i/p, is negative, and the image is inverted: a concave shaving mirror has a radius of curvature of 30 cm. It is positioned so that the (upright) image of a man"s face is 3 times the size of the face.

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