PSYC 3350 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Episodic Memory, Implicit Memory, Explicit Memory

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Give an example: organizing items into familiar, manageable units; often occurs automatically, remembering numbers in the pattern of a phone number (xxx-xxxx, distinguish between shallow and deep processing. During tone 1, the protein-targeting drug was administered. We remember the memory reinterpreted today: how do we know if any memory is undeniably true, we don"t. The more we remember something, the less accurate it becomes: who is more likely to hold the most pure memory, an amnesia patient, someone who never thinks about/remembers the memory. Information processing model https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=pmmre4q2fgk: our brains are similar to computers. We process input from the environment and output decisions: sensory memory/register: where you first interact with the information in the environment, temporary register of all the information your senses are taking in. Iconic memory: memory for what you see: lasts < . 5 sec, echoic memory: memory for what you hear, lasts 3-4 sec.