ECON 104 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Security Trust Fund, Federal Funds Rate, Paul Krugman

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Final exam study guide - introduction to macroeconomics, econ 104 - voorheis. The final exam is on thursday december 12th at 1:30-3:30pm in boyden gym. There are make-ups available later that day (4-6pm in thompson 102) and the next morning dec 13th (8- Please email val if you need a make-up. The learning resource center at the library (10th floor) has tutoring hours for econ 104 on: (as far as i can tell these are still the hours for finals week contact them if you are concerned) Val will have office hours on tuesday (by appointment) and wednesday dec 11th from 11am- These will be review sessions: ta"s will announce their office hours for finals week in discussion sections. The exam will be heavily weighted to cover the material since the midterm, but the big themes and concepts from the first half of the course will also be on the exam.

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