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Chapter 12

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 350
Silvia Bartolic

Chapter 12 Spectrum of sexual orientations sexual orientation direction of a persons sexual feelings Heterosexuality and homosexuality lie on ends of continuum and bisexuality lies between the two endpoints Kinsey developed 7 point scale ranged from group 0 exclusively hetero to group 6 exclusively homo Surveys shows more men than women are exclusively homosexual whereas more women than men fall into groups representing various degrees of bisexuality Sexual orientation is not an isolated trait gender variant atypical in gender characteristics LeVay study shows gay people on average differ in some gender related traits from straight people of same sexaduring childhood boys who become gay mend engage less in rough play aggressive behavior and athletics For girls more active physically have male typical career plans braters who watched home videos of children said pre gay children more gender nonconformist than pre straight children cGay men in their childhood do better on female favouring tests such as verbal fluencyobject location memory and face recognition Lesbians do better in male favoring tests such as mental rotationgender atypical dGay and bisexual men say they are less masculine and lesbiansbisexual women say they are less feminine than straight women Gays and lesbians also gender nonconformist in occupations and recreational interests eDifferences between gay and straight ppl are more consistent for men than for women Diverse theories to explain sexual orientation freudasaw heterosexuality as the normal end stage of psychosexual development The process included a homosexual phase in early childhood that is later forgotten This normal developmental process could be disrupted by abnormal rships within the family Imother who is too smothering or seductive IIfather who is too distant or hostileIIIintense sibling rivalry bfreud didnt think that homosexuals could be converted to heterosexuals But psychoanalytic therapy tried to convert by working through childhood events and rships in order to attain normal end point of psychosexual development Most men were traumatized after this therapy
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