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Chapter 6-7

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COMM 107

Chapter 6 Monday, October 7, 2013 10:18 AM Interpersonal Communications - 2 people send and receive messages Self-disclosure - intentionally letting the other person who you are by communicatingself-revealing information (Ex. Storytelling) Self-perceived I - imagine you project, the way you see yourself Other-perceivedme - collective judgment by others, person that others perceive you to be Other factors in interpersonal communication - emotions,power, gender Chapter 7 Wednesday, October 9, 2013 9:35 AM Successful Relational Communication: - I messages instead of you messages - Respond to what the other person says - Allow the other person freedom of speech - Set aside frequent talking time - Do not assign labels Communicationin Relationships: Functional system:everyonehas a role and there is structure Dysfunctional:something disturbs the functional system Relational conflict: normal, but should be handled or the relationship may end ElectronicallyMediated Communication - texts, email, facebook,etc. Better Interpersonal Online Communications: - Understand that your email may not get a response - Some email recipients don't want an overwhelmingamount of back and forth - There is no such thing as a private email communication - You can't recall an email - Abbreviations - make sure the other person understands Conversation- an interaction with at least one other person Small talk - an exchange of information at the surface level, typically lasts about 15 minutes In depth - talking about personal matters (e.g, attitudes, beliefs, goals) Questions - an important way to develop a conversation,encourage people to open up, help in discovering other people's attitudes, can be used to direct the conversation,help clarify meaning and get mor
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