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Chapter 3

ART HIS 42C Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Toyohara Chikanobu, Beiyang Fleet, Haiyang

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Winther Tamaki
Art History 42 C
Images 16 -
Image 16
Name: Great Sino-Japanese War in the vicinity of Asan
Artist’s name: Toyohara Chikanobu
Material:colored woodblock print
Time Period: Meiji
We see this image in other works as well
By start of 1890s we see a recycling of images, just labeled with different names
Image 17
Name: Gun being fired on a warship of the imperial navy in the vicinity of Haiyang Island, 1894
Artist’s name: Mizuno Toshikata
Time Period:
Large naval engagement of the Sino-Japanese War
Involved ships from the imperial japanese navy and the chinese beiyang fleet
Japanese ships, with more reliable, better maintained ordnance and greater superiority in
rapid-firing guns, had tactical advantage against the beiyang fleet whose ships and crews
were not as battle ready
Scene abroad one of the japanese warships during the battle of the yalu river
New Styles
Meiji - Victorian Style into Taisho/Early Showa Art Deco Style
Compare Victorian and Art Deco Style
Victorian style is very ornamented. When we move to Art Deco Style, there is a dramatic
simplification of form. There is what is called a streamlined aesthetic. It is an aesthetic
that grew from the machine age.
Image 18
Name: vase with deer
Artist’s Name: neya churoku
Material: bronze
Time Period: Deco
Simplification of the art work
Image 19
Name: Pair of Braziers with Lacquer Rising Sun
Artist’s Name:
Material: lacquered wood with copper
Time Period:
Lacquered wood with copper
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