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Chapter 3-6

COMM ST 10 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3-6: Mission Creep, Passport Records, Luddite

Communication Studies
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Professor Suman

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The All-or-Nothing Fallacy:
- please define the all or nothing fallacy
- why does the author argue that data-mining is not an effective security measure?
- have privacy or security measures
- protect privacy = “MUST” disarm security
- security and liberty as a zero-sum tradeoff: “any increase in security demands a de-
crease in liberty” ~mutually exclusive
- flawed argument: no established correlation (locking cockpit doors on airplanes
does not sacrifice privacy)
- Fourth Amendment: the government can search your home as long as it justifies
- protection of privacy might demand the imposition of oversight and regulation
but need not entail scrapping and entire security measure
- costs of protecting privacy are falsely inflated
- government should be regulated much less when it pursues matters of security
than when it investigates ordinary crime (distinction between which is which
might be fuzzy)
- “national security” often abused as a justification for violating the civil liberties of
- “state secrets privilege”: exclude evidence in a case if it will reveal a classified se-
cret (a “neutron bomb”, effectively wiping it out)
- data-mining (Amazon.com): amassing personal data and analyzing it to fit to simi-
lar trends
- used within law enforcement: locating terrorists by certain characteristics
- no privacy harm: info not seen by humans but only by computers, nothing
news is being disclosed (data already exists), people don’t even know that
their data is being analyzed ~Zen parable: tree falling in forest, doest it make
a sound?
- problems: ridicule, blackmail, embarrass, disclosure
- inaccuracy (patterns repeat with irregularity ~human behavior)
- false positives (fit the profile of a terrorist but are not)
- first amendment concerns (free speech, seemingly bad but has an inno-
cent reasoning)
- equality (formal (more systematic) vs. informal written profiles: lack trans-
Solution: cost must be considered in light of alternative security measures
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