BIOL10004 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Meristem, Root Cap, Regular Sequence

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BIOL Lecture 12
Plant growth and development
Plants have intermediate growth (keep growing) and are modular
o Lose stems and leaves, and keep producing them
Do’t usuall reah a terial groth stage ad do’t die of old age
often limited by disease, environment (drought, frost etc.) or own success (too large)
cell division and enlargement
cell differentiation all are totipotent (Can become anything)
cell maturation is patterned/organised
tissue patterning internal structure (anatomy) and external form (morphology)
plants grow at their tips
when growing, there is a region at tip of shoot at root !
apical meristems add length to the plants, and roots grow down
o they grow upwards and leave tissue behind
root apical meristem
o hairs increase surface area, and there are where water is taken up
o meristem is protected by root cap
root cap cells secrete gelatinous substance that protects root tip as it
grows through the soil
o no lateral organs !
shoot apical meristem
o dome-shaped
o produces leaf primordia and primary stem tissues
o differet to root eause it does’t hae a shoot ap
o produces tissues that it leaves behind as it grows up make stem
apical meristem can be described in different ways
tunic-corpus model is based on cell patterns and divisions
o tunica top 4 or so layers of cell are organised in a regular sequence
o corpus disorganised area of cells below tunica
leaf-stem model is widely used for describing plant construction as is consistent with
tunic-corpus model
developmental genetic models are based on the regions of gene expression and
metameric and phytonic models also describe structure in different ways
o metameric internode, node and leaf
o phytonic eah leaf is’t diserile fro the ste
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