Meet our team

Jack Tai
CEO & Co-Founder

Love product design and roadmapping from start to finish. Former semi-professional poker player.

Kevin Wu
COO & Co-Founder

Loves to travel to new countries and meet new friends. Has a passion for helping students get into the school of their dreams and helping them succeed.

Jackey Li
Chief of International & Co-Founder

Education specialist with deep understanding of the Chinese education sector. Passionate in helping students succeed and making knowledge accessible to all learners.

Maggie Peng
Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Full stack product designer passionate about creating the best experience for users. I design to solve problems and make people's lives easier. Love all things beautiful.

Maxim Kuzmenko

Every day is an obstacle to be conquered. I love challenging myself by solving tricky problems, which is why I love coding. I'm also a fan of fantasy novels, travelling and basketball.

Katherine Chong
Director of Products

Product Wrangler by day, foodie by night. Amateur cat whisperer.

Jack Neary
Growth Specialist

Started a clothing company that paid my way through school. I enjoy listening to rap music, and love to travel (50 countries and counting).

Thomas Wallenius
Growth Specialist

American literature fanatic, lover of the outdoors. Spends most of the time drinking cappuccinos and consuming burritos. Planning to be the next big fiction author.

Samuel Huang
Growth Specialist

Love doing market research, analyzing it and creating new marketing strategies.

Chelsea Jian
Manager - User Retention

I assemble ideas into marketing campaigns. Love traveling and spending time at museums - the exposure to art and culture nourishes my curiosity to learn.

Nicole Cobham
Office Manager

A people person, usually the life of the party. I work hard for what I want and I get it. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my dog Pablo.

Susan Chang
Manager - HR/Operations

Strengths: growing and empowering the OneClass team, cleaning, snowboarding. Weaknesses: snacks, cute dogs, saying no to another game of DOTA.

Minmin Liu
Senior Software Developer

Obsessed with coding, Karaoke, and playing video games. Ultra pokemon trainer. Former member of the orchestra.

Noel Euzebe
Senior Software Developer

OneClass resident b-boy. I love to help realize ideas and solve problems. In addition to full-stack development, I enjoy game development and mystery novels.

Nero Tang
Senior Mobile Developer

Love mobile app development and making brilliant design into actual product. When not programming, I enjoying reading, driving and playing FPS games.

Denis Erofeev
Software Developer

Love web-development and programming software products. I aspire to share as much as possible knowledge. Fan of reading books and playing soccer.

Eldar Khalilov
Senior Front-end Developer

Frontend developer who is passionate about design and web technologies. Love transforming ideas into beautiful and functional user interfaces.

Luke Woods
Front-end Developer

Developer, musician, & Scorsese fanatic. Finding inspiration of all forms on the east coast of Canada.

Yifan Gu
Quality Assurance Engineer

A go getter. A truth seeker. Not a player but a basketball lover.

Matt Chrysler
Senior Product Designer

Love to create and design cool things. I’m an avid music collector and audiophile. My favorite food is super spicy chicken wings. My other job is playing Tetris.

Elaine Zhang
Product Designer

Design with pixel and pursue minimalism style. Love keeping up with my friends and addicted to the magic world. Definitely a cat lover as well!

Rushdi Shams
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

I learn patterns in natural language using AI. Serious productivity hacker. Have strong passion for photography, archaeology, and teaching.

Kevin Yan
Data Scientist

I like learning new things and putting them into practice. Leafs fan 8 years and counting, and now it's time to hit 'em w/ the 4 like Auston Matthews.

Gavin Wang
Director of Backend Services

I’m the realistic dreamer. I've transferred some of my uber gaming skills from DOTA and Ping Pong to improving products.

David Tobiasz
Manager - Teaching & Learning

Member of the International Team and amateur auto-biographer. Fluent in English, French and Mandarin. Lover of bagels, coffee, the Habs.

Vanessa Wang
Senior Student Development Coach Manager

Except to be an expert in customer success engagement, becoming a master of Chinese food is a mission for me at Oneclass.

Betty Adane
Customer Success Specialist

It’s in my nature to learn, to grow, to help others and to stay positive. I love travelling to experience different cultures and explore the natural beauty of a new place.

Hugo Yu
Senior Project Manager - Content Development

Serial yogurt killer. Crazy snowboarder who can’t stand up. Skilled interior designer who never owned a house. Mini-sized portrait photographer compared with my lens.

Danielle Smalling
Manager - Content Editors

Perpetual Pupil. Storyteller. Day-time CSM, Full-time Ad·ven·tur·er. Take your ideas and make them stories worth telling; Take your stories and make them ideas worth spreading.

John Cui
Operations Manager

Muay Thai trainee and diligent calorie counter.

Alex Zhao
Video Director

Love film editing. I like to tell others stories through the video. I like watching movies and playing video games when I have time to.

Jing Jiao
Mentor Manager

Aspiring Yogi. Specializing on the international student experience, I make the North American transitional process as seamless as possible for our students.

Yi Hong
Mentor Manager

Workoutholic, love budget traveling with low carbon footprint.

Jennifer He
Operations Specialist

Super fan of LINE FRIENDS. All-time dessert killer. Love traveling, photographing, designing, swimming and sleeping. Addicted to minimalism and apply it to work.

Barbara Guerrero
Senior Content Editor

Passionate about reading and analyzing texts, editing written material, and learning. Wannabe dancer, dog-lover, and daydreamer.

Ventus Sun
Senior Content Editor

Origami artist, Nintendo fan, and fountain pen lover. I work with subject specialists to deliver the best content to students.

Ginny Hung
Educator Manager

Music educator who can play the flute, piano, trumpet and more. I have a passion for teaching and helping people/students. I also laugh a lot.

Judy Tsao
Educator Manager

Chemist and back-packer. I love to travel, read, and learn new things. I would also like to eventually retire to a farm.

James Yun
Educator Manager

Loves to acquire more wisdom and knowledge; spent many years in school environment. Yet, not a fan of traditional school systems. Believer of personalized learning.

Nikki Dang
Content Controller

The OneClass office ninja. Loves good food and music. I make sure that only the best of documents are available on OneClass for students to use.

Jerry Zheng
Regional Growth Specialist

I have a 2 second cameo in the movie Carrie. It was given a 4.9 out of 10 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rachel Yao
Student Development Coach Manager

Experience and interest in international and develop education. Love to read, travel and explore different places.

Shia Yu
Student Development Coach

Hiking, reading, drawing, day dreaming, postcard crossing,That’s just the way I live…

Miu Xiao
Student Development Coach

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen.

Claud Ouyang
Student Development Coach

I believe in balance, enjoy thinking and exploring. Be loyal to my heart and dynamic like cloud.

Jiaqi Jing
Student Development Coach

Passionate about education and helping international students with their study and life. Dreaming to be a yogi. Obsessed with tiny beautiful things in life.

Siyuan Cheng
Student Development Coach

Daydreamer, movie lover, good listener and active volunteer. I like helping students to solve their problems and catch their dreams.

Helen Xu
Student Development Coach

Foods, nature, brush calligraphy, baking and curiosity make up my life. I love helping students explore, discover and learn. Their progress is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Vivey Wang
Student Development Coach

Cat lover, big fan of art, always try to be better than myself. Since there is only one of me, does that make me limited edition?

Eddie Li
Student Development Coach

Had the option to be a scientist or engineer, but decided to be an educator. Enjoy coaching students in the way that fits best. Addicted to playing volleyball.

Yufan (Bella) Bai
Student Development Coach

Be loved, be strong, be bohemian. Just another nice person.

Vivian Zhang
Student Development Coach

A guitar self-learner, love to explore and enjoy all kinds of music. Always be creative and keep curious to the world. My life attitude- Work hard, play hard.

Shirley Shen
Video Editor/Animator

Nature and animal lover! Love trying new things, in both video production and life. I believe in learning and staying positive for better things just up ahead!

Peter Mi
Operations Specialist

A newly re-spawned AD carry. A black mamba spirit basketballer who shivers when Sir Michael Atiyah claimed proof in Riemann Hypothesis. A passionate thinker outside, a cat lover inside.

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