ANHB3324 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Nasociliary Nerve, Common Carotid Artery, Ciliary Muscle

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LECTURE FIVE: Cranial Cavity Foramen and Orbit
Key Foramen:
Foramen ovale 3rd division of trigeminal nerve
Lateral foramen spinosum where middle meningeal artery runs
Behind 2 foramen carotid canal where carotid artery runs
Adjacent to carotid canal jugular foramen jugular vein, CN IX, X, XI
Foramen lacerum lacerated edges nothing passes through
On palate greater and lesser foramen palate greater and lesser
palatine nerves
Incisive canal where local anesthetic is injected into
Cribiform plate CN I passes through
Optic canal CN II passes through
Supraorbital fissure between greater and lesser wings of sphenoid
bones CN III, IV, 1st division of V, VI
Foramen rotundum 2nd division of trigeminal nerve
Internal auditory meatus CN VII, VIII leaves
Hypoglossal canal CN XII edge of foramen magnum
Bones of the Orbit:
Many bones involved
Frontal bone *
Lacrimal bone where lacrimal ducts are
Ethmoid bone most lateral component
Zygomatic bone *
Maxillary bone *
Palatine bone smallest component
Sphenoid bone not a surface bone
Key Structures in the Eyeball
Ciliary body
Retina extension of brain, key structure
Choroid where blood vessels lie, can be seen in retina
Optic nerve
Optic Nerve:
Optic tract radiation visual cortex
Projected to cells in cortex that are registered/seen
Processing of information happens in occipital lobe
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