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Lecture 5

NURS1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Active Listening

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sianna crochett

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Week five lecture: communication
Levels of communication:
Intrapersonal: self-communication/inner voice/gut instinct/reflective/criticism
Interpersonal: between two people
Group: communication between peers/multiple people
Key elements of communication:
The sender: the person delivering information
The message: what is being transmitted
The channel: how it is being transmitted
The receiver: the person interpreting the message
Feedback: how the receiver interpreters the information
Factors that influence communication:
Development age of the people involved (age, intellectual level etc)
Socio-cultural factors
Roles and responsibility of the people involved
The environment where the communication is taking place
The physical, mental and emotional state of everyone
Skills for therapeutic communication:
Active listening: attention, providing feedback, defer judgement, body language that
shows you are listening
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