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Griffith University
School of Education and Professional Studies
Sorrell Penn- Edwards

Supportive Classroom Climate – s2802260 & s2720108 According to Simonds and Cooper (2011), a supportive classroom climate is very important for the understanding, confidence, interaction and achievements of its students. The climate of the classroom is set by the teacher and it is important that the teacher ensures it is a positive and accepting environment for all students. Having a supportive classroom climate enables the students to achieve a fuller development of their self-image and can enhance their self-concept. Therefore, as future teachers it will be our role to ensure that our classroom climates are initialised in a positive and supportive manner so that we can foster the learning and development of our students. This can be achieved through practicing effective listening behaviours, clear message transmission, and friendly teacher behaviours. Also creating a stimulating and imaginative environment, having student- centred educational philosophy practices, allowing students to have input on classroom procedures, and ensuring we are always being inclusive and positive towards all students. For example, in a supportive classroom context
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