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La Trobe University
Computer Science & Computer Engineering
Computer Science & Computer Engineering CSE1PE
Geoff Holt

La Trobe University CSE1PE: Programming Environment Introduction Document (as of 2013) Course Summary Programming Environment is a subject which examines the environment in which programming is done. It is learning to navigate through the UNIX operating system (which we use PuTTy as the SSH client). La Trobe has two main servers in the Computer Science department, latcs5 and latcs6. Any one of these are available to you, on a computer science connected computer in the labs. The course structure first examines how we use UNIX. Basic commands are taught to navigate, rename, change, move, create, edit and delete files. You are also taught the programming language ‘C’. If any of you are familiar with PHP, then this will be easy to understand. Most of the concepts used in PHP (ie. If/else statements) are used in C as well. Assignments consist of two tutorial assignments which ask you to complete program development steps for a specified problem. Your job is to perform all the stages in a report-like format, and code a program using C. There is also a final real-time assessment which is worth 18% of your overall mark. This again is performing the steps, with an additional test plan required at the end. All in all, the assessments for 1PE are simply performing the program development steps for a designated problem. Contact Hours  2 x 1 hour lectures per week delivered via face-to-face  1 x 2 hour computer laboratory delivered via face-to-face  1 x 1 hour tutorial per week delivered via face to face Total contribution: 5 hours per week at university. Written by Aaron Brown La Trobe University (2013) It’s important that work is done outside of your allocated university timetable
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