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Lecture 16

BIO2242: Lecture 16 notes

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BIO2242 – Lecture 16 What is sexual reproduction: Those gametes come from different individuals. Getting genetic contribution from mother and father for the offspring. Gametes need to be at the same place at the same time = needed for fertilization to occur Sexual reproduction: It alters the genetic material in the offspring so its not identical to their parents. Get the parent dividing its chromosomes = segregation. Crossing over occurs = where some material from paternal chromosome crosses over to the maternal side, and vice versa. So theres mixing between the two. Forms of sexual reproduction: gonochoristic = male and female functions by separate individuals Hermaphroditic = both roles played by same individual. sequential = since from one role to another. Internal and external fertilization IS NOT the types of sexual reproduction Sex determination: XX = female XY = male genotypic sex determination = where genetic material determines whether you’re male/female = occur mainly in vertebrates Environmental sex determination = where some aspect of external environment contributes to whether you’re male/female (temperature). The temp at which the eggs were incubated at determines the sex of the offspring. Sexual reproduction: Involved the fusion of haploid gametes to form a diploid zygote Is always achieved through internal fertilisation Always involve gametes of the same size Always involves crossing over Why have sexual reproduction: Process of meiosis, and process of crossing over which produces the genetic combinations Have to p
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