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Dr Pingping Qiu

International Marketing – Political and legal environment Social infrastructure – facilities, networks supporting families/individuals/communities for social wellbeing. Can have some physical components. Imperialism – economic/political related Types of national government Parliamentary – citizens can vote, most of the industrialize countries (Australia) Absolutist – dictate government, without considering citizen’s opinions (Denmark, Russia, Sweden – in the past), Saudi Arabia still has absolutist Others Role of government Participator – participate in the economy activities Facilitator- tax incentives, subsidies (financial assistant) Regulator – at either micro/macro level, setting industrial policies, charges taxes *for assignment: check regulations for both home/host countries Role of government in international marketing – Restrict/Facilitate Embargoes and sanctions - distortion of trade for adversarial and political purposes - can be forced by the UN as a punishment - initiated by the US against small countries Eg: Cuba, Iraq, North Korea. Export controls - impede upon the acquisition of goods by adversaries - established in Aus and NZ through involvement in the Wassenaar Arrangement (for the army) - Used by the US *check for export controls in assignment Import controls - restrictions placed on international marketers by countries with trade deficits or infrastructure problems - tariffs: taxes imposes on imports - quota system: reduce the volume (quantity/amount) of imports accepted by
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