AMB372 - 2011 PR Planning Ch.9 Notes

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Ch.9 Notes Public Relations Planning  Successful PR programs are the result of sound research, meticulous planning and careful implementation  Why plan: improves effectiveness, encourages long-term view, assists proactivity, reconciles conflicts, minimises mishaps  Why don’t plan: time constraints, not flexible, unrealistic expectations, block creativity  The planning process enables the PR planner to structure their approach around certain key aspects, answers 6 basic questions: - What is the problem (researching the issue) - What does the plan seek to achieve - With which publics should a relationship be developed? - What should be said- content or message - How communicated- channels - How success will be judged- evaluation  Marston (1979) RACE: Research, Action, Communication, Evaluation  Cutlip et al’s planning model: p. 178 1. Defining PR problems- what’s happening now (situation analysis) 2. Planning and programming- str
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