INB270 – Programming (Lecture 1, Week 1)

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Queensland University of Technology
Mike Roggenkamp

INB270 – Programming Lecture 1 – Week 1 The first lecture for INB270 is rather straight-forward, with little notes necessary of being taken. Reading the lecture slides to revise any information learned/missed in the first lecture works perfectly fine. There are a few things that may not come across in the lecture slides however, and these might be important to note for future reference:  The “Goals for this lecture” slide is a good way to tick off whether you have personally learned what the point of the lecture is, either a few days after the lecture or at the end of the semester whilst revising for the end of semester exam. (Page 6)  This subject is not at all one in which you can hope to begin an assignment and finish it on the day/night before it is due. The programming assignments that are given will often take a lengthy amount of time. (Page 7)  The first few weeks may seem easy to those who have programmed before, but it is important not to switch off completely, or else as the difficulty of the subject begins to increase, you will be left behind. (Page 9)  Email is the best way to reach the tutors (including Jim and Mike, even though you can
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