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Dr Kate Mulgrew

PSY301: Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology Lecture 1 Overview of the Course: Introduction to Cog Psych - New DSM changes  DSM-V What Can Cognitive Psychology Add? - “It is apparent that cognition is involved in everything that a human being might do” (Neisser, 1967) - Basis of everything in psychology - Cognitive psychology uses rigorous experimental designs to examine information-processing strategies (acquisition, processing and storage of information) - Link to behaviourism  in order to understand behaviour, we have to understand what happens between stimulus and response - Cognitive psychology grew out of behaviourism - Bring CogLab to tutorials - Consult times for course: Wednesday 12-1pm in Tower - Similarly, 304 consult at Friday 10-11am - Guest speakers – weeks 10, 11, 12 - Extra readings and resources on BlackBoard in learning materials - Discussion boards - Cognitive psychology has large applied value - “Human factors research” (eg: techniques used for study developed by cognitive psychologists) Assessment - Minor research report, 15%, due week 5 - Major research report, 40%, due week 12 - Exam, 45%, exam period - Week 2 tute: collecting data for minor report - Week 3 and 4: collect data for major report - Minor report  memory; historical topic - Major report  challenging; tough DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL LAST MINUTE; lots of support to help Cognitive Analysis - Sensory and perceptual - Memory and retrieval - Comprehension - Judgement and decision - Language What is Cognitive Psychology? - “All processes by which the sensory input is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, recovered a
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