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Lecture 3

Long Term Memory: Lecture 3 Summary - Short-term Memory

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Lecture 3: Short-term Memory Short-term memory 4-1-1 Example. Short-term memory in anterograde amnesia. When distracted, anterograde amnesia sets in. People who suffer from this can accurately recall certain facts after a short retention time, however, when their attention is temporarily turned to something else, that is when the anterograde amnesia sets in  they forget. Short-term memory does not depend on the hippocampus. This suggests that there is more than one memory system: Memory Long-term Memory Short-term Memory Each system is specialised for a particular function with its own distinct neurosecretory. Other LTM systems: (Some of which are unconscious) Long-term Memory Hippocampus Dependent Hippocampus Independent Short-term Memory Hippocampus Independent Intact in individuals who have medial temporal lobe damage, therefore it is evident that these people must have some short-term memory system that is not run by the hippocampus. DEFINITION: Short-term memory holds what you are actively thinking about and attending to. Note: anterograde amnesia is when the individual cannot form any new long-term memories. Characteristic of STM: Limited Capacity  George Miller  STM can hold approx.. 7 chunks/items of info.  The no. of chunks we can remember is the limit of STM Short-term vs. Working memory (Terms are used alternatively)  Info. In working memory is actively processed and manipulated while we are thinking.  The contents of short term memory are always being put to work. Working Memory & the Prefrontal Cortex  Experiment: An electrode is implanted in an awake, behaving monkey. They fixate on a central dot, then given a cue (so a square to the top right of the fixation point) to look at and remember. A period of delay occurs where the square disappears and the monkey is then required to remember the location of the cue.  Grap
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