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Associate Professor Jane Turner

4 PERSONALITY DISORDERSAxis 2Maladaptive patterns of behavior thato cause harm to the subject andor other people o deviate from cultural standard o rigidly pervasive and deeply ingrainedo are generally recognizable by the time of adolescence and continue through most of adult life o Stable through timeDividing line for disorder o Statistical o Socialthe individual suffers from his personality of others suffer from itTYPES Cluster A Cluster B Cluster C Mad Bad Sad 1 Paranoid 4 Antisocial 8 Avoidant 2 Schizoid 5 Borderline 9 Dependent 3 Schizotypal 6 Histrionic 10 Obsessional compulsive 7 NarcissticMany persons exhibit traits that are not limited to a single personality disorderEPIDEMIOLOGY1020 of general population50 of psychiatric patientsfrequently comorbid with Axis I disordersPredisposing disorder for substance use suicide affective disorders impulsecontrol disorders eating disorders and anxiety disordersInterfers with treatment outcomes affects attitude to therapistsIncreases personal incapacitation morbidity and mortalityETIOLOGYGeneticso Cluster A disorders more common in relative of patients with schizophrenia especially schizotypal PD o Cluster B disorders Antisocial disorders are associated with alcohol use disordersBorderline disorders is associated with depression Personality enduring qualities of an individual shown in his ways of behaving in a wide variety of circumstanceso Biologically based temperament o Combination of internal representations o fself and others linked to affect states and externalized in interpersonal relationships o Continuour and stable sense of self o Characteristic set of defence mechanisms o Cognitive styleChild hood development o Patterns of attachment affect future adult emotional relationship
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