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Lecture 14

PSYC 2113 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Suicidal Ideation, Major Depressive Disorder, Psychogenic Amnesia

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PSYC 2113
Birdie Bezanson

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PSYC 2113 Lecture Notes March 5th
- Dissociative identity disorder used to be called multiple personality disorder
- People with this are very suggestible so some alters were being suggested by therapists.
There is a lot of controversy.
- A lot of people were being accused of child abuse due to repressed memories which
were shown to be false
- People ith dissoiatie idetity disorder do’t hae ultiple persoalities rather they
lack a central personality. DID is a fragmentation of personality
- Alters (different identities) will have some sort of similarity to host personality
- The switch from alter to host and vice versa can cause memory gaps.
- The host is’t eessarily the origial persoality, it’s the persoality seekig treatet
- Often people will have a ipulse alter, a proisuous alter (other alters do’t egage
in sexual behaviour)
- Alters can differ in age
- Socio-cognitive model: environment creates suggestions that come to be
- There can be some physiological differences in alters (such as eyesight)
- Different alters can have different dominant hands
- Unlike malingerers, people with DID will hide their symptoms
- One theory is that DID occurs due to avoidance of trauma
- A risk factor is low social support during trauma
- More apt to be diagnosed with when they have low support
- People with DID tend to have very rich imaginary worlds (not uncommon for them to
have had an imaginary friend when they were young)
- Average number of alters is 15
- More females have DID than men
- Onset is almost always in childhood
- Onset after 9 is very rare
- Tends to run a chronic course, difficult to treat
- High comorbidity with other disorders
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