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October 17- Breathing apparatus- Physiology Cont'd.docx

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Richard Welland

October 17, 12 Speech Breathing and Apparatus Physiology Cont’d Test Wed. Oct. 24:  All of the breathing apparatus physiology  Format the same, multiple choice and some diagrams (spyrograms, lung capacities etc.)  All lectures and reading up until Monday Oct. 22 Changes Across the Life Span:  Children relative to adults: o Have smaller lungs and airways; smaller VC o Use higher %VC o Stop speaking at lower lung volumes o Exert more effect when speaking  Fluency affects: o # Of syllable per breath group o Amount of air used per syllable is greater  Older adults relative to younger adults: o Tend to inhale to higher lung volumes o Tend to use more air per syllable o Inhale more frequently o Speak more slowly (may compensate for other changes) o Costal cartilages harden and become stiff o Lung tissues lose elasticity o Respiratory muscle contraction rate decreases o VC, ERV, % IRV decrease o RV increases Neural Control of Breathing - Neural Structures - Control of tidal breathing - Control of special acts of breathing  Neural Substrates/Control of tidal breathing o Central nervous system o Brainstem  Lower brain centre for breathing in the Medulla; Generates
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