LING 2P90 Lecture Notes - Cricothyroid Ligament, Aryepiglottic Fold, Vestibular Fold

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Published on 24 Nov 2012
October 24, 12
Laryngeal Apparatus Cont’d
Test: Only have to know up to the spaces in the Laryngeal
Intrinsic Laryngeal Membranes
Quadrangular membranes:
o Paired sheets of elastic tissue
o Epiglottis and thyroid cartilage to corniculate cartilages and medial
surfaces of arytenoid cartilages
o Inferior edges from ventricular ligaments
o Superior edges form Ventricular ligaments
o Folds contain aryepiglottic muscle fibers
Conus Elasticus
o Connects arytenoid, thyroid, and cricoid cartilages
o Medial Cricothyroid ligament and 2 lateral Cricothyroid membranes
(main portion)
o Lateral cricothyroid membranes begin at superior edge of cricoid
cartilage (form the vocal ligaments)
Pyriform Sinuses
o Lateral to aditus larynges (one on each side)
o Bounded by thyroid cartilage and thyrohyoid membrane (laterally)
and aryepiglottic folds and quadrangular membrane (medially)
Space between the “true” vocal folds = Rima glottides (glottis)
Supra-glottal Space
o Vestibule = space between aditus and ventricular folds
o Ventricle = Space between ventricular folds and vocal folds
Sub-glottal spaces
o Below vocal folds to inferior border of cricoid cartilage
o Cone-shaped (narrowest at vocal folds, wider below)
Rima Glottidis
o Anterior commissure (where the vocal folds meet) to bases of
arytenoid cartilages
o Configuration of the glottis is highly variable
The vocal folds coming together
Configuration that is normal in young women is a “glottal gap”,
its effect is to produce a slightly breathy voice
o Membranous Glottis (anterior commissure to the vocal processes)
o Cartilaginous Glottis (vocal processes to arytenoid cartilages) 2/3rds
Mucous Membrane
Covers whole laryngeal cavity
o Same as lining of mouth and trachea
Ventricles especially rich in mucous glands (important for hydration)
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