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SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Think Together, Iceberg, Xenophobia

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Daniel Glenday

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Homo sapiens can procreate with any other Homo sapiens around the world. Other animals are
bound by the constraints of extinctions
Horace Miner (Anthropologist)
Asked the following question to a women on Fiji: "You've gained weight"
What happened to change the meaning of stating the above to a woman?
What do the contents of your bathroom or personal "shrine" symbolize?
What is Culture?
A culture is like a blueprint for behaviour
Culture is a way of life shared by a group of people which includes a system of ideas, values.
Beliefs, knowledge and customs transmitted from one generation to the next
A SOCIETY consists of PEOPLE. Their CULTURE is what they HAVE and what they DO and how
The material and nonmaterial objects that define a peoples way of life
Iceberg Analogy
What you see is so little, yet there is more to uncover
Underneath the iceberg is what culture is about and can not be seen physically
Above: See ,Hear, Touch, Taste, Smells [Material Culture]
Below: Beliefs, Thought Patterns, Values, Myths [Non-material culture]
Kinds of Culture
Ex: iPad, Graffiti, Prius - tangible products of a national community or society
Non-Material Culture
What makes you a stranger when you are away from home?
Non-Material Culture
All the intangible products of a society
Example: Patterns of communication [how to address someone]
Types of Government [Democracy]
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