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Carleton University
ANTH 1001
Danielle Di Novellie- Lang

November 26, 2012 In the Realm of the Diamond Queen Compare the story of Cohen –Wink Interpretation at work which is how culture is made In some sense it is the same story Without the law being written it goes to those who live there Does not say that anyone made a mistake-even though she says the story was a failure The visit of a Government Official, an administrative centre will be made in the village-that village will hold the power The conclusion is on page 150-151 The story has no local resolution Local power operates with an outside power that doesn’t know what it’s doing Lacking knowledge the government agent had no power over the things he did not know about He was merely a pawn-in the preservation of their identity Who has the ultimate power of interpretation-least powerful space-the local Not particularly an interpretation of culture One is assuming that culture explains something-or culture is what has to be explained Concept of resistance-which people are only described with what is recognizable Critiques to Scott’s -much to uniform, -does not account for the way that they use power Singh describes the record of its virtues by comparing the use of place and space that is made through farming-unreadable maps-can see in them a contrast pg. 161 Wasts of feminism -1 wave-US after the civil war-connected to women who worked hard to end slavery -consciousness of oppression raised -fought hard to make people realize
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