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Art History
ARTH 1200
Peter Coffman

December 9 2013 Mannerism Mannerism is not a style. It is an attitude that may be applied to any style. Examples:  Pallazzo Del Te, Mantua, Giulio Romano, 1525-34*  Laurentian Library, Michelangelo Buonarroti, begun 1524* Andrea Palladio 1508-1580 He wrote the Four Books ofArchitecture in 1570. He is known for his use of temple facade, serliana, tripartite, renaissance humanism and bilateral symmetry. His buildings:  Basilica, Vicenza, 1549 (he refurbishes it)*  Pallazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Andrea Palladio, 1550-52*  Villa Barbaro, Maser, 1557-58*  Temple facade in a private home  Pado Veronese paints the 2D painting (Trompe d’oeil)  Villa Rotonda, Vicenza, 1566-70*  S. Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, begun 1566* EXAM  Arrive at 8:30am.  Bring your Campus Card/government-issued ID  Ahalf hour after the exam starts, no one else will be let in.  If you finish in the last ten minutes window, stay seated.  Water bottle: clear and unlabeled. What to study:  Major monuments  Stylistic/historical periods  Dates  Context: key historical events/people  Technical terms Format:  Part 1: 10 Slide ID’s - 3 minutes each - 30 marks  Part 2: 5 Unknown slide ID’s - 5 minutes each - 25 marks  Part 3: 4 Short answer questions - 5 marks each - 20 marks  Part 4: Essay question - 25 marks ARTH 1200 Final Exam Part Four: Essay Question 25 Marks Please discuss the following question in a clear, concise essay. Be sure to organize your essay clearly and write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Greece and Rome
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