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BIOL 1003
Elizabeth Nisbet

NEAR DISTANT ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION CILIARY MUSCLES CONTRACT RELAX TENSION IN SUSPENSORY REDUCED INCREASED LIGAMENTS SHAPE OF LENS FAT, ROUNDED THIN, FLAT RESULT LIGHT BENDS LIGHT BENDS LESS DIVERGING LIGHT FOCUSES RAYS PARALLEL LIGHT RAYS Role of Rod Cells and Cone Cells in Effecting Monochromatic and Trichromatic Vision  Retina contains 4 layers → synapse between them o Cone and rod cells (light-sensitive receptor)  Inner segment → nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, synaptic region  Outer segment → membranous disks containing pigments o Bipolar neurones (relay neurone) o Ganglion cells (sensory neurones) o Axon of ganglion cells → optical nerve  Send impulses to the brain  Light passes through neurones before it strikes the retina  There are no cone and rod cells where the optic nerves pass through the retina; this point is called the blind spot Table 16-8-2: Features of rod cells and cone cells FEATURE ROD CELLS CONE CELLS Number in More Fewer retina Distribution - Evenly throughout the Present in the fovea retina - Absent from the fovea - Only type of light receptor at the periphery of the retina Shape of outer segment Rod shaped Cone shaped Sensitivity toDim light Bright light Visual acuity Poorly resolved images Well-resolved images Light-sensitive - Only rhodopsin - Iodopsin pigments - Monochromic vision - Sensitive to blue, green, blue light - Trichromatic vision (combination) Synapse with Several rod cells synapse Each cone cell synapses with
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