BIOL 1010 Lecture Notes - Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Truancy, Pyromania

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30 Jan 2013

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People with this have a long history of multiple physical complainants for which they have taken
medicine or consulted doctors
Ppl with conversion disorder report the loss of moor or sensory function such as paralysis, an
anaesthesia (loss of sensation) or blindness
Indiv with pain disorder suffer from severe and prolonged pain
Hypochondriacs is the misinterpretation of minor physical sensations as serious illness
Ppl with body dysmorphic are preoccupied with an imagined defect in their appearance
Dissociative disorder
Sudden alteration in consciousness that affects memory and identity
Ppl with dissociative amnesia may forget their entire past or lose their memory for a patriclaulr
time period
With dissociative fugue the indiv suddenly and unexpectedly travels to a new locale, starts a
new life and cannot remember his or her previous identity;
The person with dissociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personally) possesses
two or more distinct personalities each complex and dominate one at a time
Depersonalization disorder is a severe and disruptive feeling of self estrangement or unreality
Sexual and gender identity disorders
Lists three principal subcategories
In the Paraphilias the sources of sexual gratification as in exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism,
and machoismare unconventional
Ppl with sexual dysfunctions are unable to complete the usual sexual response cycle.
Inability to maintain an erection, premature ejaculation and inhibition of orgasms are ex of
their problem
Ppl with gender identity disorder feel extreme discomfort with their anatomical sex and
identify themselves as members of the opposite sex
Sleep disorders
Two major subcategories of sleep disorders distinguished in DSM-IV-TR
In the dyssomnias, sleep is disturbed in amount(the person is not able to maintain sleep or
sleeps too much), quality(the person does not feel rested after sleep) or timing (the person
experiences inability to sleep during conventional sleep times)
In the parasomnias, an unusual event occurs during sleep (nightmares, sleepwalking)
Eating disorders
Fall into two major categories
In anorexia nervosa the person avoids eating and becomes emaciated, usually cuz of an
intense fear of becoming fat
In bulimia nervosa frequent episodes of binge eating are coupled with compensatory
activities such as self induced vomiting and heavy use of laxatives
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