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Lecture 17

BIOL 1902 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Ruffed Grouse, Hooded Merganser, Lek Mating

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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

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Lecture # 17
- Puffins: Ornaments = bills. Badges of age, status or maturity. Grooves with 4 grooves show older age
o Won’t mate with less than 2 grooves
- Moose/Deer: Antlers males change with size and age of moose. Indicates age = maturity
o Antler points = tines flat part = Palm
o They shed them every year and grow back each spring. Heavy skin called velvet on new fuzzy
nub antlers (4 months up to 30kg)
o Fastest growing bone in the world
o Tines get shorter and palms wider as it gets older
o Deformed antlers indicator of health not good for attracting females
o Antlers can defuse aggression by showing bigger one to smaller male to make them leave
o Sparring = shoving contest with antlers just by pushing against each other
This allows them to tell how big their antlers are compared to others
Playful sparring occurs after the rut is over versus fighting for female
o Antlers are there only for sexual selection for females
Bull moose are aggressive during the RUT
o Tony Bubenik “language of antlers”
o Once and a while antlers lock and they can’t get out and they die eventually
- Dobsonfly: lives in water for a year then emerge as adult to mate. Large tusks only for mating
C. Ritualized Displays
Visual Displays:
- Hooded Merganser: White patch on the head and they put the crest upright like a hat in mating season
- Ruffed grouse: Neck ruff fluff and tail displays
Ariel Displays:
- Male midges: fly in swarms to mate
- Damsel fly: Ebony Jewel Wing: female has white dot end of body has clasps that hold the female.
Male curls abdomen over to put sperm in sperm tool that gets it to female.
- Fireflies: males uses aerial light displays
Synchronized Displays:
- Swans: choreographed things where each mate tries to match one another
Ritualized Dances:
- Sandhill Cranes: jumps up and down and tucks head
Communal display:
- Wild Turkey: Snood and weird skin and tails
o Communal display grounds where males display called leks
o They strut around and display their tales
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