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Carleton University
BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

BIOL 1902 –A th Wednesday October 5 2011 Week 4 Lecture 2 HowAnimals Deal With Extreme Cold Mammals  Stay warm by growing more hair; guard hairs grow longer and thicker  Dense UNDERFUR; help trap heat  Birds; grow bulkier feathers; CONTOUR FEATHERS on the outside; DOWN feathers underneath  Animals also add extra layers on the inside Mammals have 2 types of fat; Subcutaneous fat for insulation = warmth, white fat burns quickly and not allowed of heat, brown fat; mammals only, better for heat; internal brown fat for burning for warmth  Birds add subcutaneous fat for fuel; wing muscles used to keep birds warm; muscles start to vibrate to generate heat; they SHIVER to generate heat.  Birds fluff up to trap more air for insulation  Colour can provide warmth. How does white fur make an animal stay warm? Feathers that are white tend to hold more heat; little hollow spots within the feathers to hold air/heat  Pale colours retain body heat better  Gloger's Rule  Showshoe hares gain 27% in the c
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