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BUSI 2204
Les Melamed

Busi2204 260213Oscar PistoriusThrowing a spotlight on the legal system in the country that the murder occurred There will be a great deal of publicity on peoples view of the legal system of South AfricaThink about thiscountries market themselves all the time Negative publicityThe public face of a country is an important marketing considerationWill South Africa suffer for thisEvery lecture and topic can be tied to the 4Ps and 5 Cs Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer BehaviourChapter SixConsumers PerspectiveMarketers PerspectivePrepurchase issuesHow does a consumer decideHow consumer attitudes formed and changeWhat are the best information What information do consumers sourcesuse to decide which products are superiorPurchaseIs product purchase a positive How do the immediate situation experiencefactors affect purchase decisionsWhat does purchase imply about the consumerwealthy people buy a variety of products some products improve your social image PostpurchaseDoes product use perform as What determines customer intended Give pleasuresatisfaction and repeat purchaseIs product disposal What does the consumer tell satisfactorypollutingothers about the productPutting candy and magazines in the front causes a structure in the buying environmentyou would not rush to the back just for some candy Incapable of opening products after purchasing products Does the product give you pleasure during useEg going on a tour and the tour supplier thinks you are happy with the tour they invite you to rate the tour on Trip Advisor as a promotional device
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