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Lecture 2

BUSI 3402 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cloud Storage, Feasibility Study, Project ManagerPremium

3 pages32 viewsWinter 2016

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BUSI 3402
Shaobo Ji

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IS Project Planning
Project Initiation
o System Request
Project Sponsor
Business Need
Business Requirement
Business Value
Issues or Constraints
o Feasibility study
Is it technically feasible?
Costs and benefits?
Use and adoption
Operating environment
o Project Risk
Project size
Team size, project duration, department, effort
Project structure
Commitment, user perceptions, new or upgraded system,
organizational changes
Development group
Platform familiarity, software, development method
User group
Familiarity with development process, application area
o Costs and Benefits
Development Costs
Vendor installation
Development team fees
Hardware and software
Office space and equipment
Operational Costs
Software upgrades
Software licensing fees
User training
Cloud storage fees
Tangible Benefits
Increased sales
o Staff
o Inventory
o IT costs
Better supplier prices
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