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BUSI 3705
Jose Rogas Mendez

Class 3 9/26/2012 10:49:00 AM Dimensions of culture Time Monochromic are more concern about productivity Polychronic tend to be more concerned with relationship Short term: compensation in the short term, I want to see productivity in the short term. For example, Canada US Long term: they are more patient, more willing to wait until something happens. Timeline -Linear: monochronic -Circular: Latin people polychronic Driver orientation for individuals: -Societies that are focused in the present: latin societies, willing to sacrifice the future for the present -Societies that are oriented with the past: when similar decisions were made High context: very indirect. Japanese. Observe more around the situation more complex to communicate with someone from high context. High context u need to use a lot of elements! Pay attention to symbols, colors, anything but verbal? Low context: direct and verbal, Germany etc Hofstede 5 dimensions! Comparison: hofstede VS Globe project Hofstede interviewed thousands of IBM employees around the world and he made a conclusion that there are 5 categories of societies. Low power distance means there is more equality whereas high power distance, status matters hierarchical society Rely too much for the traditional trading partner: the US! , no pressu
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