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BUSI 4705
Diane H Arnold

BUSI 4705 Ethics Class 9 11/9/2012 11:35:00 AM 2002 year of whistleblower Calling FBI staff attorney Minneapolis Minnesota she sent a memo to director of fbi Cynthia Cooper 3.8 billion dollars in losses through creative book keeping. The end result was that they were arrested and sent to jail. Pinto and Ford The safety doesn’t sell Rating all the different brands on reliability… Ford was ranked next to last! Permissable obligatory forbidden. 3 views where u can opt for 1 Permissible : you can see where is justified.. 2 Obligatory: obligatory they had to blow the whistle 3 Forbidden: Whistleblowers are disloyal, pain in the neck so it should be forbidden, kept their mouth shut. For Bowie if you don’t have these 6 criterias its forbidden. For George if you don’t have the first 3, then whistleblowing is forbidden for him as well. I think people can chooooose to blow the whistle but I don’t think a society can demand from anybody..too much to ask. On the other hand I think its wrong to say they should shut up no matter…the people who are coming forward their own moral sense and values and trying to prevent harm from happening. Richard DeGeorge is on the textbook, it is footnoted it refers you to this guy. Norman Bowie says whistleblowing is not justified (other words, not permissible!) st 1 for him it has to be a moral thing.. not based on revenge 4th if ur gonna blow a whistle on the company it has to be a big deal… th 5 it has to be something that is urgent, now…present not for the future like 50 YEARS.. 6th has to be specific information, details, something that can be checked if its before the company’s action then the whistleblowing can actually help prevent the harm to society.. For Bowie…he wants all of these to be true for it to be permissible. DeGeorge uses it differently, if you have 1,2,3 on his list, then the whistleblowing is permissible even if the rest isn’t true. If you have all 5 then you have to come forward! It is obligatory to whistleblow These are 2 different views, the DeGeorge view here is a lot clearer than it is on the book. Discuss the 3 criterias for whistleblowing… Difference in values between whistleblowing internally and externally Chapter 9: Standard View of Leadership What’s in the book => starts on 177 the traditional view of leadership, traditional hierarchical business organization, not participatory management, not a horizontal organization => encouraging discipline, stress reduction/relief => the role modeling: if you are mean to people then you’re showing that then that’s the image that you may decide to follow, so clearly people should be good in terms of role models => 179 39% said they didn’t keep promises , 24% thought managers violated their subordinates privacy (like telling them where to live) => retain good employees…lose people huge turnover => Virtues are what leaders should have! => if there’s a huge pressure….like in Emron..the bottom 10% gets cut down so u’ll do whatever u can to stay on top => 186 setting goals…. => performance appraisals 191…this traditional model of management sounds like people have no work of their own..kind of like jail, you’re just watching people => top of 191..employees are more motivated if theres grade attached to score card => page 196 ranking like in Emron..not good => page 200 at the bottom…very utilitarian view The chapter after that, chapter 10, “empowering ethical employees” talking about maintain ethical culture…it will be included on the exam View of Leadership and the TRUTH in leadership that’s not in the chapter.. In corporation there are leaders and followers, these leaders have Managerial skills to inspire people staying on track and a lot of times they give you character traits, motivate followers. Interestingly enough, the source of this model is from politics and military! Leader who can guide the group. Leaders create corporate culture sets values what the company stands for, succeed or fail based on how good the leader is…Leadership is the key to success, choose the right leader, leaders get results etc they set the standards set the culture and embody everything, leaders are backbone of the company Barracko view says: leaders are like supreme athletes..they are trained and their strong values enable them to respond intuitively to any situation Show problems with the theory! 1. For leaders of a corp, they are generally not trusted by employees. 70% do not trusted by employees, 93% not trusted by the public. 2. This relies on leaders being able to form corporate culture..not going to happen…if you look at statistics the average time period for one to lead is 4 years..they rotate..therefore within those 4 years there are limited t
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