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BUSI 4708
David Peippo

Name: Lupita Ardhyaningrum Student Number: 100807173 Course: BUSI 4708 Intl Expansion From the Charles Martin case, it is known that Uganda encompasses different cultural traits that are very much distinct to that of the United States. For that reason, there are many Ugandan cultural attributes that might affect the operations of a foreign company doing business there. Uganda is a multi-ethnic, multi religious and multi-language country. Although English is the official language in Uganda, majority of the population only speak an indigenous language that others may not speak such as Bantu, Nilotic languages of the Bugandas, Langos, Acholi, Teso and Karamojong. What this implies is that foreign companies may run the risks in encountering language barrier issues and can result in communication problems, for instance at one point, the company will need a translator to assist business operations. This factor needs to be taken into consideration because in order to be successful in the project, effective communication is crucial. Other cultural aspects such as different religions, beliefs, and tribal rituals that the Ugandans believe in certainly have major impacts on HG’s business practices in the host country. When hiring local employees the company needs to think of these religious practices and beliefs because religions shape cultural values and will influence business practices (e.g holidays, work attributes, benefits, etc). In addition to that, nepotism and corruption are common business practices in Uganda. According to the East African Bribery Index 2012, published by Transparency International, Uganda has the highest bribery levels in East Africa, and worse yet, corruption and bribery levels are predicted to increase in the long run. Because of this, Uganda is politically unstable and business practices move at a slow pace. It is as if bribery is almost the only way to access fast and prompt services due to Uganda’s corruptive system. This is a controversial issue because it conflicts with HG’s home country law and by doing so will negatively affect their business and reputation in the international world. The company needs to clarify guidelines and rules to the certain extent on what is acceptable when conducting business in Uganda. In addition to that, the extent to which the company will be successful also depends on the general management orientation of the company doing business in the host country. From the study case, it is apparent that Charles Martin, due to his International background and having lived in Africa before, exhibited polycentric perspectives as he att
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