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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

CLCV 1002 BHesiod 750700 Theogeny and works and days Epic poets Homer ca 750BC Iliad and Oddessey Literature By definition written downy Writing not highly respected and difficult expensive Papyrus vellum materials to write on expensive y Reading not the way ancient people engaged in what we think of as literature y All ancient literature written in a way that is meant to be performed y No one read Homers works like we do listen to it insteadAoidos Singerperformer of epic poetry Ode is greek word for song Translated in english as bard Plays Kithara harp like instrument different from lyre more intricate Meant to be played by the person who is singingNot reading from a text Have store of themes and plots in head and when perform make up to suit audienceHomeridai singers of Homer subsect of Aoidoi spent time memorizing Homers texts Semireligious group Homer becomes a hero in Greek religion They memorize and perform his textsHomer Know almost nothing about himthy Living in 8 century probably no earlier than 750 BC y Many places claim to be his birthplace Most common place is Island of Chiosone of the larger Aegean islands in Ionia Where greeks border on foreign culture Many other types of writing originate in Ionia Not from mainland Greecey Blind Real or metaphorical Metaphor of sight and blindness ignorance and knowledge Dichotemy Sight misleads us If you can see the world around you dont really understand it If blind have second sight greater knowledge than someone who can see Divine knowledge Special insight into the will of the Gods Homer presents the Gods in the most majestic fashion than any writer so maybe wasnt physically blind but metaphorically The Homeric question Favorite Greek author Modern world classicists know little about him Was he real at all Was he an Aoidos Did he really live Was he responsible for all of the Iliad and the Odessey Did he write all of them both of them Some thought Odessey written by a woman Right now people think he wrote both but not settledIliad Takes its name from Ilion another name for Troy The Iliad means The story of Troy Standard practise that in first line of work tell you what the story is about Audience usually aware of what the story is about know already not unheard of story
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