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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

thCLCV 1002 BMarch 29Greek Medicine ContinuedDiagnosis versus treatment Treatment optionsPharmaka drugs also poisonsChange in Diaita lifestyle dietBloodletting To rebalance 4 humors of body Make vomit to get rid of bile etcSurgerySpecialization of medicine Doctors dont usually do surgery some trained but not all Surgeons usually barbersMost injuries relevant to surgery is relevant to warfareCloser to modern veterinary surgery as opposed to modern human surgeryStitches were prime source of infection Dont understand the process of infection Common to leave wound open and to let heal from the inside out like vets do Left open so can clean when need to Bad scarring but will liveTrepanation Drilling into skull to remove a chuck of skull When head injury relieves swelling of brain Also used to remove parts of fractured skull to heal Found as early as Neolithic period Tools used Probes Cut skin away and then begin to probe to find injury Then take a drill bow drill etc to drill a hole Then use a rasp to scrape around that area Ex Depressed cranial fracture caused by sling bullet Greek Surgery Case Study Philip II of MacedonLaying siege to city in northern Archer defending city he was attacking shot out and the arrow pierced Philips right eye Hit orbital bone Barbed arrow does more damage coming out then going in Went straight through the eye ball and lodged in right cheek bone Break off arrow close to head Then call surgeon Philip had very skilled surgeon KritoboulosKritoboulos treated Philip without causing disfigurement to face Royal tombs of Macedonian dynasty at Vergina Northern Greece Cremated remains of Philip II found controversial Greeks believe itCremating deforms bonesGreekstried to reconstruct what he would have looked like according to his bones Spoon ofTreatment of Philips injury Break arrow then get doctor
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