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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

CLCV 1002 BApril 3rd Athletics in Ancient Greece Continued Ancient Olympics associated with warfare but connection questionable Contests test strength endurance basic fitness but not usually skills used in warfarePentathlon five competitions Athlon prize or competition Modern pentathlon Running swimming riding fencing shooting Not the same as the ancient pentathlonAncient pentathlon Perform all contests in order After 3 competitions if clear winner in all events competition ends If no clear winner go to next competitionWeed out weaker competitors throughout competitions1 Long Jump Jump from dead standstill with both feet together Got to jump for a certain amount of timeCould get roughly 5 jumps in Carry weights in their hands about 2 KG Swing back and then jump About 16 m covered by a long jump usually 2 Javelin throw Thong around fingers and javelin unravels when throw javelin causing it to travel longer 3 Discus throw Ancient discus heavier and bigger than modern discusThrows much shorter than modern 4 Sprint 5 Wrestling match Between 2 people striving for first placeCompetitors marked on elegance and stye in wrestlingMatch ends after 3 throws when pin opponent to floorWinner of match declared winner of pentathlon Wrestling 1 of 3 combat sports that are separate games1 On the ground wrestling Individual event2 Boxing No weight classes only distinction between competitors is an age class Matches not timed Fight till someone surrenders or passes outNot unusual for people to die in combat sports
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