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Mind and Body true or false class 1.doc

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Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

1Mysteries of the mind class 1 Mind and Body true or falseNot true that we only use 10of our brain we use 100It is true that the sense of touch is the first develop start experience touch on checks and lips at 8 weeks and whole body at 12 weeksIt is not true that listening to Mozart makes you smarter but it does temporally improve spatial recognition Woman do take longer to make decisions but tend to stick to their decision You cannot learn through subliminal messagesBilinguals do have denser brainbetter neurological development Eating artificial sweetener does make you less smarter Eating fish does prevent dementiaOmega 3 supplements Brain damage is not permanent see slide see slide 14 Alcohol does not kill brain cellsWe can read ppl mood by looking at their facesbut not really good at it and as well can read strangers up to 50We do spend more when we are sad Memory is not the exact picture of what you see and experiencewe tend to forget things Frequent jet lag can impair memory might be due to the stress hormones that are releasedThe internet is not making us dumberWe do forget 50of our dreams during the first 5 minutes that we first wake upBrain does not work better when pressured
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