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Lecture 10

Lecture 10: Thoughts on “Alternative” Media

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 10: Alternative Media What is Alternative Media?  More participatory networks getting more access, more opportunities to engage in the public, and a greater ability to engage in collective action  Philippine strategy adopted several times (e.g. Arab Spring)  Reduced costs of sharing information, allowed citizens opportunity to speak up and be heard all over the world, and increased the speed of coordinating action  Conclusion: social media do contribute to change, creating/inspiring social movement, and spur people to action  Critique: problem with social media  Alternatives for ourselves, for the world we live in, and for change  “Everything at some point is an alternative to something else.” o Radical vs. corporate press o Blogs vs. traditional print/TV o Aljazeera vs. CNN  Some want alterative media to be the same as community media Morozov, The Net Delusion  “For all the talk about the democratizing power of the internet, regimes In Iran and China are as stable and repressive as ever in fact, authoritarian governments are effectively using the internet to suppress free speech, hone their surveillance techniques, disseminate cutting-edge propaganda, and pacify their………..” Community Media  “Predicated on a profound sense of dissatisfaction with mainstream media form and content, dedicated to the principles of free expression and participatory democracy, and committed to enhancing community relations and promoting community solidarity.” Alternative vs. Mainstream  Mainstream Media: newspapers, radio, TV, and Internet sites most owned by corporations, which produce content and widely disseminate it for a general audience  Dominant discourse vs. progressive discourses  Dominant Discourses: emphasize values/interests of powerful people who work in/own/have a say over what happens
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