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Lecture 3: Communication and Media as Wartime Inheritance

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 3 PropagandaNeutralist view and moralist view PlatoDeeply deceitful and corruptive to human conditionPlato against poetrydidnt like the stories they told played with peoples emotionsOral societymemory was important in order to teachPlato didnt like the hegemony poetry had over education in Greek societyNo benign stories blood guts fire rape pillage etcPlato worried about corrupting influence on peoples morality didnt like content of curriculumDidnt like the way and style poets communicated and appealed to our emotion dangerous didnt cultivate use of reason through question and answer changed opinion perceptions attitudes and actions to persuasive powerful speakers could move people to do things to ruin social orderProposed to ban poetrypoets in educational societyCrusades churchs influence on people to fight and kill for God and the churchPropaganda Ignatius Loyola founded society of the Jesuits was sainted by Pope Gregory XV in 1622 and in that year the pope established the Sacra Congregation Christiano Homini Propaganda OR Sacra Congregation de Propaganda Fide Congregation for the Propaga
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